Styling & Wardrobe management
Custom designed for Corporate Clients, Educational Institutions, Service Industry, Individuals and Groups

It’s no wonder that so many women and men puzzle through their closets every morning, trying to find pieces that will fit together and form the right look for the day’s challenges. Step by step, piece-by-piece, Vandita, Founder, Certified International Image Consultant & Trainer will guide you through a jumble of options and help you build a wardrobe that is appropriate, flexible and flattering.

Vandita will help you with your Wardrobe Assessment:
  • Mix and match outfits from your existing wardrobe to enhance your image
  • Wardrobe components for different seasons and occasions
  • Suggest new clothing items and accessories to round out your wardrobe
  • Wardrobe placement in your closet to ease your decision making process 
  • Eliminate, donate or alter unworn and unwanted clothing that is old, does not fit properly, or does not project your new found image
  • Undergarment/Lingerie Analysis
Vandita will conduct a Body & Face Shape Analysis to identify and maximise your best physical qualities:
  • How to play down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths
  • Balancing an outfit with colour and textures
  • Adding style and flair to your daily dressing
  • When to break outdated fashion rules
  • Choosing complementary colours based on physical features
  • Knowing what works for you and why 
  • Achieving the proper fit for you and what that entails
  • What makes some garments look slimming, what does not and why
  • Appropriate Accessories
Vandita will assist you to Style more efficiently:
  • What type of store caters to your needs and where to find them
  • Which brands are designed for you and why
  • A clothing list for each season and all time frames
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics and textures
  • A booklet on this year's seasonal colours
  • Look for the distinctive stamps of workmanship
  • Work within your budget gracefully

We would discuss your relevant image requirements to customise the consultation for you and follow up with content and fee details.
Take the first step towards better Wardrobe Management.