Personal Shopping
Custom designed for Corporate Clients, Educational Institutions, Service Industry, Individuals and Groups

TIA The Image Academy’s clients often follow up the recommendations from their consultation programmes with the appropriate shopping*. Vandita, Founder, Certified International Image Consultant & Trainer, takes care of this personally.

*Personal Shopping can be undertaken independent of a Consultation

What does a Personal Shopper do for you?
  • Assesses your current needs, be it Wardrobe, Make-Up, Accessories, Jewellery
  • Understands your current image like Body type, Personality, Job profile, Color Seasons
  • Provides guidance on what you should keep, what you should discard and what you should buy
  • Gets an understanding from you on a budget
  • Escorts you to shops and guides you to make the right purchase

It can be intimidating going into new shops. We'll keep the sales people at bay, from selling you incorrect stuff just so that they can get their commission and we'll advise you when you don't feel confident trying things that are outside of your usual repertoire. And unlike the stores own staff, we don't get any more from convincing you to take items that aren't really working - we're 100% on your side and want only bargains that make you look and feel wonderful. We'll also help you to find your own confidence and we'll show you how to get more done in less time with less cost. And lastly, we'll share a lot of laughs and giggles with you as we have a fun day together!

Whether you'd like to shop near you locally or at one of the other great shopping areas, there are many fine shopping locations we can visit together according to what type of purchases you are looking to make.

We would discuss your relevant image requirements to customise the programme for you and follow up with content and fee details.
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