Custom designed for Corporate Clients, Educational Institutions, Service Industry, Individuals and Groups
Customer Service

This programme is designed specifically for those who work in hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Besides learning how to deliver exceptional customer service, participants will also gain valuable skills for reducing stress while they deal with even the most demanding customers.

Elements of our programme:
  • Describe exceptional customer service
  • Identify its benefits on the personal and professional level
  • Recognize barriers to its delivery
  • Demonstrate how to measure customer satisfaction levels and take corrective action if needed
  • Understand different customer behaviour, styles and know how to adjust to each
  • Use and explain techniques for dealing with angry, upset, or disappointed customers
  • Practice stress-reduction tactics for their own well-being and motivation
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve their customer service skills
Art of being a Perfect Host

Whether hosting a dinner party or welcoming guests, the job of a host is to make guests feel cared for, welcomed and at home.

Art of being a Perfect Guest

As often as we are the host or hostess at a party, we're also in the role of being the guest. If you would like to be a guest who is always invited back for the next party, there are a few important tips to bear in mind.

Vandita, Founder, Certified International Image Consultant & Trainer will show you the key elements of being a Perfect Host or Guest

We would discuss your relevant image requirements to customise the consultation for you and follow up with content and fee details.
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