Corporate Social Responsibility
Share Your Image Ideas

TIA The Image Academy invites you to share your ideas and thoughts that would help us in enhancing the hidden beauty and inner skills in each one of us, making our world a better place for all of us to enjoy. Please feel free to share what you have always felt about image, grooming, styling, communication, behaviour or etiquette. The topics will be carefully selected from your feedback. The list will be regularly updated with your name as new ideas are presented.

If your idea can be developed into a viable programme, then Vandita, Founder, Certified International Image Consultant & Trainer will employ her expertise and creativity and conduct it as a special entree at an appropriate Community Event without any obligations. You will be suitably acknowledged for your idea, invited as a Special Guest at the event and receive a free gift voucher to enjoy one of TIA’s premium services.

Take the first step towards Community Development.