Colour Analysis
Custom designed for Corporate Clients, Educational Institutions, Service Industry, Individuals and Groups

A specific colour group or season defines each individual, by his or her personality – cool, warm, deep or light. It might interest you to know that your individuality draws parallels with the seasons – summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Using systematic colour coding, Vandita, Founder, Certified International Image Consultant & Trainer will identify which colour group you fit into. 

Colour Analysis does not restrict the colours in your wardrobe and make-up; it simply ensures that the shades of the colour spectrum you wear compliment your skin tone and colouring.

Elements of our programme:
  • What colours best suit your complexion, eye and hair colour
  • How to combine colours to suit your appearance and personality
  • What messages colours are sending out
  • What are the essential colours to complete your wardrobe
  • How to look more vibrant, healthy and younger
  • Colour combinations in everyday dressing and make-up
  • Colour psychology and Colour therapy
  • Colour Analysis with an Asian perception (if applicable)
On completion of a Personal Colour Consultation, you will receive:
  • A personal Colour Swatch and how to use it
  • A Colour Wheel & its information booklet
  • A folder of colour information and its different uses
  • Your own personal Colour knowledge and how to use it
  • A personal Make-Up session
  • New Confidence

We would discuss your relevant image requirements to customise the programme for you and follow up with content and fee details.
Take the first step towards understanding your Colours.